LAX life

Lacrosse is a huge passion in my life and I play it any chance I get. I haven’t been playing for that long, just one year with the local Santa Barbara Lacrosse program, one season at the terrible school San Marcos on JV, and now this year on the SBHS Varsity team!

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several of the varsity lacrosse players decided to bleach their hair in honor of the San Marcos rivalry game, including Myself… On monday night I decided that I was going to bleach my hair and show my dedication to the team. I thought that getting a do it yourself kit would do the trick, so I had my dad pick one up at CVS on his way home. My dad began the process of making the bleaching mixture, that composed of powders, oils, and other chemicals that I was about to put in my hair. As My dad began to coat my whole head of hair with the toxic concoction of bleaching chemicals I has beginning to have to serious thoughts that I had made a very bad decision. photo2 (6)

Once the bleach was in my hair I had to leave it in for at least 30 minutes, but I knew that wasn’t going to be long enough, so I kept it in for about an hour. After the hour was up my head was burning and I couldn’t wait to get in the shower. Once i did shower I couldn’t help to notice that my hair turned out golden yellow. I went to school the next day and got a tremendous amount of hate and extreme responses toward my hair. To fix this problem I though it would be a good idea to redo my hair to get rid of the yellow. Luckily for my one of my friends mom if a hair stylist that could do it for me for free and professionally. My friend and I both went in to his mom and gout our hair bleached, for me a second time. The trick is to keep it in for as long as possible and of course having salon grade hair products help too.

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Once I was done with the process my hair was actually white! The next day people shared their opinions, on it like last time but at least they were good opinions this time

Farmers market

Yesterday my friend Owen and I decided to check out our local farmers market after school. Both of us hadn’t been in years and thought that the experience would be a nice refreshment to our lives. We were just planning on looking around at all of the different stands, but we brought money just in case something caught our eyes.

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The market its self takes up two block of state street with dozens of tents and stands that offer all or your basic fruits and vegetables as well as many unique items as well. While in the market, you don’t feel like your down town because the road is blocked off and there’s not noisy traffic. The chill music from the various people playing it on the sidewalk provides a relaxed and fun feeling that is very enjoyable to be around.

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Most stands are presented very nicely any creatively like the one above. It gives a spanish sort of look that makes the market feel authentic if you will. At this stand there were a few exotic fruits being sold like cherimoyas, passion fruit, etc. Since I love passion fruit and I get it on such rare occasion i decided to buy one pound of them. The seller was charging 8 dollars per pound however when he gave my my change the total was only 5 dollars which was an unexpected pleasure of the day.

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¬†Some of the more interesting things for sale at the farmers market are goods like pies, honeys, nuts, wheat grass, and even dairy products and oils. All of these different¬†products really make me appreciate how they got here from these small “farms” and businesses. Things like cheese and milk that are sold are very unique products to be selling at a local market. The pie stand offered a variety of different types of pie flavors, sizes, and nutritional preferences. Owen bought a small cube or apple pie that he said was absolutely great tasting.

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overall the farmers market is a must do at least once. it will provide a amazing experience that you wont regret. Walking down the street full of food stands with a honey stick in your mouth with rad local music is certainly is a great thing to do to relax and burn some free time.