Beach Days

Going to the beach is one of my favorite things to do, especially when there are some decent waves. Unfortunately it was recently winter and the water has been very cold so I haven’t gone in quite a while. However my friend that I usually go with talked me into going this weekend. photo2 (7)

We headed down to Hendry’s beach in the morning after getting a delicious breakfast at Spudnuts and Bagels. when we arrived there weren’t very many people besides the surfers and people at The Boathouse. The water was a bit to chilly when we first wanted to go in so we ended up taking a stroll down the beach quite a ways until the sun warmed us up more. To ease into the water we started skim boarding, and challenging each other to various tricks and maneuvers. One might think that skim boarding is hard, which it really isn’t but you sure do fall a lot. photo3 (9)

After a few hours of chilling on the beach, getting tan, and messing around in the water, and playing some beach volleyball we sure were tired and hungry. fortunately The Boathouse is on the beachfront just a few yards from where we were. Since The Boathouse doesn’t serve sandy sun baked hooligans we were forced to eat from the small overpriced snack shack, but convenience and “quality” comes at a price I guess. photo4 (5)

After my friend and finished our lunch we went on another walk down the beach looking for something to do. We weren’t feeling the best after the mediocre meal we just at minutes ago so we thought that non-vigorous  activities would be the best idea, so we walked up to the Douglas Family Preserve. It was getting late by the point we got the the Preserve so we just walked around, explored, and eventually ended up at the end of the walkway just as the sun was going down. By then we were getting ready to get going so we headed back down to the beach to get picked up, and boy was the sunset beautiful.

photo1 (14)


This past summer my family and I traveled to Paris. We got to experience so many new things like the food, architecture, the museums, and of course the culture. We were there for one week and we certainly had no dull moments, especially since our parents decided that we would walk everywhere…

photo1 (10)

One of the first things we did was visit the Louvre, one of the largest art museums in the world. The day we visited the museum it was insanely sunny and the area outside was nearly impossible to be in without being blinded by the light. Once we found the entrance with our eyes watering and stunned we couldn’t choose where to go first. The Louvre is so massive and there are so many pieces of art to see. New saw the Mona Lisa, which was surrounded by hundreds of people. The walls were always displaying some sort of art painting. The sculptures ware awesome, the detail is stunning for when they were made.

photo2 (5)

All of the food in Paris was so unique, different, and authentic in my opinion. there are tons of nice restaurants, pub, and food stands to get a quick bite to eat or have a full nice meal. The photo above is when my dad and I were eating fondue at a very nice little restaurant that was hidden away. In the mornings we would go to the crepe restaurant and watch our tasty breakfast’s be made.

photo4 (4)

We couldn’t have visited Paris if we didn’t see the Eiffel Tower! This huge tower is magnificent and truly an amazing piece of work. I didn’t really appreciate the amazing size of the beast and the beauty or Paris until I was at the top. From the top you could see practically all of the city and every little detail of how it’s facilitated. My eyes would get lost tracking the various streets projecting off of the Arch De Triumph

Paris Is by far one of my all time favorite places i’ve ever traveled to and I highly recommend going there once in your lifetime. The culture is amazingly rich and enjoyable to be around.

Chicken Coop

About a year ago my family decided that we were going to get chicks, raise them and harvest their eggs. Before we even got the chicks we had to prepare by making a suitable housing area and incubator for the chicks when they arrive. My dad and I started off by Making a small 4×3 incubator with heating lamp for the chicks to grow up in, but now we just use it for food storage. The incubator has two lids, one for viewing the chicks and one for accessing them. The overall process wasn’t too difficult because of the somewhat simple design and small size. In the end the incubator turned out great and has help up through the first part of El Nino and the past 12 months with no trouble, but most importantly it kept the chicks it ideal safe growing conditions. photo1 (9)

We knew that the chicks were going to grow up fast and need a much larger housing area. So before they were too big for their incubator my dad and I headed back out to that drawing board to come up with a new house for the chicks. We ended up spending about a week making a huge chicken coop that our chickens would love. We used a similar design as the incubator but we just increased the size and added new features. Those features include nests, a sleeping rod, and a door to the outside area. Speaking of the outside area, it was a 7×7 area with food and water containers, hay flooring, and a tree branch roost that the chickens could hang out on during the day. Soon enough the chicks turned into chickens and we moved them into the new house. They loved it from the minute they moved in and they have ever since.

photo3 (6)

The best part of having chickens besides the cute chicks, are the amazing eggs. The eggs are way better than any store bought eggs because these chickens are free range! Sadly however the eggs don’t last forever and our chickens stopped laying a little while ago. I highly encourage you to get chickens at your house, they are such a great resource, pet, and experience!

photo2 (4)