Last summer my family and I took a trip to Paris and afterwards flew to Spain for an additional three weeks of fun. We stayed in beautiful San Sebastian and Barcelona. When we arrived in San Sebastian we were in the middle of a tropical looking area at a sketchy small airport. We took a cab into the city and eventually found our smaller than expected apartment. Once we all got all unpacked and ready to be comfortable we found out that there was no wifi!…


To make up for no wifi the family and I went to the beach daily and went out to dinner. The beaches in San Sebastian were among the prettiest iv’e ever seen during the day time, but undoubtedly are prettiest at sunset. San Sebastian offers so much to do, like go to concerts or hike to the top of the local mountain and go inside the old military fort that once defended the city from invaders. all of the food was very fresh from the sea and prepared expertly at almost all restaurants. while in San Sebastian I was forced to use the little Spanish vocabulary I had, but I did learn a lot too. photo3

After our amazing time in San Sebastian It was time to head to Barcelona and experience some big city culture. We did much of the same stuff but this time we had wifi:) The food was honestly even better in Barcelona. We only stayed in the city for one week but

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