Spring Boarding at Mammoth

Going to the snow isn’t something that I get to do very often, so when the opportunity comes my way I am sure to take it up and have a great time. I did just that this spring break with my family and some friends at Mammoth Mountain Ski Resort.


My Dad and I headed out from our house around 12:00pm and only got to Summerland before having to turn around because we realized that we forgot a few things… I got to get about four hours of driving in on the Mojave stretch, while my dad decided to sleep on me. The drive to Mammoth along the 395 is full of very beautiful scenery to gaze at.


Luckily for El Nino California received some decent snow this year which was a great change. The first two days I was there there were storms that provided some pretty good snow to board in, but often times there was so  much snow in the air that you couldn’t see.


Right when I got on the lift I felt so happy and ready to start boarding. I thought that I would be rusty, but I was actually doing very well and felt comfortable. After a few hours of boarding by my self I felt that I had already improved so much and I  began to jump off of everything that I could and go through the trees. Unfortunately going through the trees is a risky thing to do when you are going fast and I managed to hit a tree, twice! Luckily they were small and I only boarded away with a sprained wrist.


I wasn’t snowboarding alone for the whole trip gladly, on the second day my dad and I went everywhere on the mountain. He was really interested in my snowboarding so he would follow me through the trees and record me. On the last day it was very hot and slushy, so I had to unclothe quite a bit, if you know what I mean.

Mammoth always delivers such a great family snow experience, whether you are actually on the mountain with your family or not.

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