This past summer my family and I traveled to Paris. We got to experience so many new things like the food, architecture, the museums, and of course the culture. We were there for one week and we certainly had no dull moments, especially since our parents decided that we would walk everywhere…

photo1 (10)

One of the first things we did was visit the Louvre, one of the largest art museums in the world. The day we visited the museum it was insanely sunny and the area outside was nearly impossible to be in without being blinded by the light. Once we found the entrance with our eyes watering and stunned we couldn’t choose where to go first. The Louvre is so massive and there are so many pieces of art to see. New saw the Mona Lisa, which was surrounded by hundreds of people. The walls were always displaying some sort of art painting. The sculptures ware awesome, the detail is stunning for when they were made.

photo2 (5)

All of the food in Paris was so unique, different, and authentic in my opinion. there are tons of nice restaurants, pub, and food stands to get a quick bite to eat or have a full nice meal. The photo above is when my dad and I were eating fondue at a very nice little restaurant that was hidden away. In the mornings we would go to the crepe restaurant and watch our tasty breakfast’s be made.

photo4 (4)

We couldn’t have visited Paris if we didn’t see the Eiffel Tower! This huge tower is magnificent and truly an amazing piece of work. I didn’t really appreciate the amazing size of the beast and the beauty or Paris until I was at the top. From the top you could see practically all of the city and every little detail of how it’s facilitated. My eyes would get lost tracking the various streets projecting off of the Arch De Triumph

Paris Is by far one of my all time favorite places i’ve ever traveled to and I highly recommend going there once in your lifetime. The culture is amazingly rich and enjoyable to be around.

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